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Private Notary Services

The Private Notary services provided by the Notary Directorate in the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf allow individuals to complete all their transactions through the private notary offices without the need to visit the ministry

The ‘Private Notary’ system has been developed in line with the new international standards, for the licensed qualified private notaries to serve the public with a better faster quality and efficiency.

The notaries will easily be able to review the requests through the system and process the transactions by registering, printing and obtaining the stakeholders signatures. In addition to the online archiving for central database authentication, along with submission of completed transactions.

Mr. Ali Aljabal

Mrs. Khadija A. Hussain

Mr. Saleh Al Nashaba


List of notary services we do


  • Shareholding Company’s Formation Contract
  • Single Person Company Formation Documents
  • Other Companies Formation Documents
  • Sale Contracts of Commercial Shops and Vessels
  • Mortgage Contracts
  • Contracts Notarization
  • Contracts Attestation
  • Amendment of Formation Contracts
  • Waiver Declaration
  • Other Documents Notarisation
  • Other Documents Attestation
  • Signatures Attestation
  • Power of Attorney – for Courts